Mission and Goals Statement

Our mission as F.A.R.E. is to administer assistance, care, and love to those children who are placed in our care, to recognize the importance of and support the Care Givers who are so instrumental in the preservation of our most important resource, our children, and to be the beacon of light standing on the shores of our communities for the downtrodden and the needy.

In order to succeed in our mission, F.A.R.E. must accept and adhere to certain goals. Our organization goals are as follows:

We are now embarking upon a new era in the long journey of our organization. We must accept, honor, and respect our leadership and be able, capable, and willing to assume leadership roles ourselves. Our organization is founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and loyalty. We must set examples for others to follow in deeds, duty, and words. Oftentimes, each of us will be called upon to complete our assigned missions which can go above and far beyond the call of duty. I call upon each of you to display those traits of fairness above reproach and become that beacon of light as standards for our children, our community and ourselves.


The goals of F.A.R.E. are as follows: