F.A.R.E. History

The F.A.R.E. Association was borne in August 2001 when a small group of Foster Parents decided to create an atmosphere which catered to the training that the care givers needed in order to maintain and update their license requirements mandated by the state of California and the various counties of Southern California.

In 2005, a new president was duly elected. The new president wanted to create an atmosphere where people from all walks of life could congregate, be treated with respect and decency, voice their concerns, give back information from their expertise and share issues concerning the child care institution.

As of this date, the F.A.R.E. Association have recruited professional trainers from all over the state of California to share their knowledge and expertise of the child care environment. Our association not only provide training for the care giver but for all entities who are interested in learning more about how to care for children who are placed in their homes through Children and Family Services (CFS) and other entities, we also provide free child care, free parking, and refreshments for all.

We are a very diverse organization operated solely by volunteers from our community. The many resources which we have provided have been instrumental in helping our organization grow by "leaps and bounds." We owe our success to the donations and funding given by the community and our members. Although the economy is at a low point, the F.A.R.E. association have stepped up to the plate and provided as much needed resources as possible to the care givers and needy within our community.

We continue to have our meeting and training segments once a month. We are looking into the future to find more ways to assist and help our community grow, to include the possibility of creating paying jobs within our association, and to help reduce the roll of the unemployed, which would be a shining example for the youth in our care and in the community. We have created an environment where all can come, all can feel good and comfortable about what they are giving back to our youth and, as a result, our future.

Founder/Executive Representative: Robert L. Manghane Sr.